At Clifton Hampden School, we follow the National Curriculum for England as set out by the Department for Education. We are in the process of updating our curriculum and below you can see our geography plans.  

National Curriculum Primary

In the early years children work towards meeting the Early Learning Goals by the end of reception. We use topic-based planning as a starting point for the children’s learning. Additionally, activities are planned based on the children’s interests.  Further information can be found by clicking this link:  Early Years Foundation Stage Profile

We use the Letters and Sounds programme for the teaching of phonics.  This covers areas of communication, language and literacy.  Please click on the link to download further information about how phonics is taught across our schools.

teaching of phonics.pdf



Geography at Clifton Hampden CE Primary School


It is our intention to develop children’s understanding of the human and physical processes at work that bring change and influence human societies and planet Earth. Children will learn about the characteristics of the local area and how it relates to the UK and the wider world. They will develop the skills to investigate, question and make sense of the world around them.



The geography programme of study has been put together to ensure robust curriculum coverage and progression so that as children move through the school, they grow in their geographical knowledge, understanding and skills. This is achieved both through the scheduling of the areas of study; and by making explicit links with prior learning and other subjects to give context, make connections and reinforce understanding.



By the end of their time at the Clifton Hampden Primary School, children will have a secure understanding of the key physical features of the planet and the forces at work in forming and changing them; and an appreciation of the interaction between they physical planet and human society and activity at both. They will also be well-equipped with skills in mapping and fieldwork.